The Limited Liability Company «RONA LTD», founded in August 2002, is one of the leading companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in design and construction of facilities of residential and civil purposes.

Currently the LLP «RONA LTD» is a fast-growth company and performs the full range of design and construction works of varying difficulty, with the introduction of new technologies such as alternative types of energy source.

In today's world, with increasing rates of consumption and as a consequence – the limited energy resources, a development of technologies of energy production from alternative, renewable sources is rapidly gaining momentum. These sources include, primarily, solar and wind energy, geothermal heat.

Today, alternative energy sources are already widely used to solve problems of energy supply not only on commercial and industrial scale, but also in private sector. Availability of technologies of energy production from inexhaustible sources allows to build nonvolatile/energy-independent houses with environmentally friendly infrastructure in remote areas and to solve problems of power supply in existing facilities.

We shall not forget about the ecological properties of alternative energy production technologies. Solar, wind and helio plants do not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, do not pollute the water and are safe for humans.

The LLP «RONA LTD» - is a line on the ground, the length of which is measured with high accuracy. In our work we aim to follow this philosophy. A same top priority for the LLP «RONA LTD» is a high quality, unique appearance with a comfortable and safe living environment while preserving traditions and peculiarities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We are actively involved in various projects ranging from reconstruction of socially important facilities for the state needs to construction of new buildings and improvement of urban areas.